The Hen / Production Notes

March 16, 2016
Print and digital material for a theater play “The Hen” / Production Notes
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Public Institution MES – International Theater Festival – Scene MESS
Sarajevo, 2016

Sometime at the beginning of the First World War, in a solitary shack in the middle of a war zone, abandoned twins live with her grandmother. One day, while the grandmother is at the market, the children, starved, kill the last hen. The grandmother returns home from the market with a few potatoes and an open wound on her forehead, sustained in an argument with soldiers from the local unit. Upon discovering what the twins did, she punishes them cruelly, but still gives each a piece of fried chicken. The dinner is interrupted by the arrival of a soldier who claims to have been officially tasked with monitoring the locals. A soldier from the Second World War. We begin to question the timeline of the play. The meal continues with the new guest, taking on a dimension of a game in which he sets out the rules. When one of the twins discovers that their guest has been lying to them the entire time, the soldier becomes violent, ready to use his gun if anyone gets in the way of what he had intended. While the soldier reveals his secret to them, we again question the timeline. We suddenly find ourselves in the wars of the nineties. Dinner continues, and it seems that it had lasted for a hundred years.