The Flour in Our Veins

April 08, 2015
Print and digital material for a theater play “The Flour in Our Veins / Brašno u venama”
Official brochure-newspaper link (bosnian):
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Director: Boris Liješević
Public Institution MES – International Theater Festival – Scene MESS / Sarajevo War Theater
Sarajevo, 2015

The Flour in Our Veins is a story about a family scattered throughout the world because of the war, and who meet again, after 20 years, in a city, an apartment, at night. Everything has changed: the city, the country, the population, ethnic composition, streets, faces, but the trauma remains that cannot be deleted neither by the passage of time or changes in geographic location. It has become an outlook, a way of thinking, a pattern of behavior. Over time, the trauma becomes familiar and pleasant, and getting over the trauma becomes painful and full of uncertainty. The individual remains trapped in the trauma.