Animal Farm

January 31, 2015
Print material for a theater play “Animal Farm / Životinjska farma”
Official brochure-newspaper link:
Director: Dino Mustafić
Sarajevo War Theater
Sarajevo, 2015

This is a performance without the traditionally assigned roles. There are 14 actors on stage, one of whom is George Orwell, and the other roles are assigned by you, dear audience. The characters of the Animal Farm are divided into four basic groups. You assign: 4 pigs (Major, Napoleon, Snowball and Squealer), 4 ungulates (Boxer the horse, mares Clover and Mollie, and Benjamin the donkey), 4 smaller animals (goat Muriel, sheep Dolly, hen Kolinda, and Pincher the dog), and one Man (Mister Jones, Farmer, and Reporter). Each spectator will be given a bell and we will use the volume of the ringing, voice, or stomping to assess the volume of the sound and determine which actor should play which role. Throughout the play, we are guided by the songs: Animal Hymn, Our hay, Apotheosis of the ruler, Lessons of the enemy, The best system in the world.
The play is performed on a stage covered in mud. If a lump of wet earth splatters someone in the audience, please know that it’s by accident, and if you recognize and identify those who are not mentioned by name, because Orwell did not even know them, please know that it is by no accident.