Antigone – 2000 Years Later / Production Notes

April 03, 2016
Print and digital material for a theater play “Antigone – 2000 Years Later” / Production Notes
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Public Institution MES – International Theater Festival – Scene MESS
Sarajevo, 2016

This play is a theatrical exploration of an ancient mythical story written by Sophocles, in which he described the distressful period of the birth of the European civilization and victory over barbarism. In a politically and critically relevant way, he thus left a permanent mark on the dramatic writing we know today. At the same time, it is a story that is applicable to our society; it makes us stop, look around and see ourselves, examine our own values as well as our own time of unrest through interpretation of the myth as well as through dramatic documentary interventions that open up a space for discussion about existence of this subject throughout millennia. Naturally, we have to speak about our time, start a dialogue by raising issues that affect us and our surroundings, about the people’s tendency to always passionately bow down to the winning side, but also about the only too familiar thirst for power and wars, about the history which not only defines, but also controls our present. That is why the justiceseeking individual in conflict with the corrupt political system is abandoned by everyone: the government, citizens, even the bureaucratic apparatus. Justice does not use justice; the real truth is not welcome.